Between the bars

Drink up, baby. It’ll make you okay. I’ll make you okay. I won’t change anything, but I’ll make you forget. I’ll take you away. And once we’re back, I’ll still be here. I always will be.

I’ll make you forget them all, forget who they are. Your place, where you are. You are with me now. You’re all that matters now. The redundancy of your days, we’ll disregard them. The worthlessness of your hours, we’ll fritter more. Your insignificance, we will cherish. Your misery we will relish.  We are in the now, and now, you are away. Yesterday does not matter with me. Neither does tomorrow.  We live today, and today I will take you with me.

You can be lonely with me. You can feel sad. You can cry. I will let you be. I will try. I will be with you, but I won’t stop you. And I won’t tell anyone. You can escape without leaving them. They matter too much to be left. That’s why I’m here. To take you away when you cannot go.

There’s nothing wrong. There is nothing. All there is, is nothing.

It won’t change anything. It won’t help either. Just let you carry on.

Come with me now. Let me take you now.

I have you now.