So, why write this? (Your interest is irrelevant)

I know the title thing is getting old, I am sorry.

Alright. Why am I ‘starting a blog’?

So, last night, I got this epiphany. I thought of how cool it’d be to have a blog, an outlet to write all of my blabber, to share my opinions, to vent, without being too conscious about it. You see, when you post online, it’s much easier and more friendly, I feel, compared to ‘true life’. I especially like the idea of writing whatever I want, as much as I want, *emphasis on the ‘much’*. I need to talk a lot, and this blog would be perfect to dissipate all of my energy, as it would be impractical to do so realistically and verbally, given that, again, I talk a lot. Perhaps that’s a point I should add to my ‘About me’ page.

Anyhow, during this epiphany of mine, I particularly liked that I would be able to write about anything, anything at all, without people knowing who I am, or people actually reading it. Mind you, it’s not that I don’t want people to know who I am or read my shizz, it’s just nicer knowing I can say whatever, how-much-ever, and whenever I want without being under ‘watchful eyes’ (people). I really find this point hard to explain, as it was very, erm, particular, in my head. It’s liberating to put all your emotions, thoughts and ideas ‘out there’ into the world wide web, you know? I don’t know if you do, so nothing …

13 thoughts on “So, why write this? (Your interest is irrelevant)

  1. Nice.. initiative? Thats the only word i could think of. Anyway, I like how your just doing it. NIKE! Oh, and also, thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

  2. your “about me” fits my life in some way – but the only difference is also while writing a blog i become very conscious. perhaps you could help me with that by sharing why don’t u feel like it?

    basically writing a blog according to you makes you evade the critics or or you don’t care about the critics ‘cos the critics are prolly some losers over the internet? im just curious. awaiting ur reply

    ta ta.

    • I asked my friend Azraa what to say, and this is what she told me:

      Say that the people you know in real life don’t know about the blog. Also that you don’t care too much about what people on the internet think about you because if they ever meet you in real life, they won’t know that you wrote the blog. Also, you could say that the blog is sort of a release for you, perhaps a place where you can vent and be completely genuine without losing anything. And also, you just need to put this stuff out there because [some] people get tired of listening to you and you feel that when you write a blog, someone out there is listening which makes you feel good. And how can you be self conscious when all people are doing is listening?

      And she’s right. 🙂

  3. right, absolutely right. people get tired of listening in real life, i’ll agree with that one lol.
    the blog helps you unleash the YOU. how wouldn’t people know you wrote this if they met you in real life? and why won’t you tell the real life people about the blog? i mean what you write is very good.

    • Well I guess if they are people I’m not comfortable around then I won’t tell them about the blog, and anyways I write this blog for myself, not for anyone else, so I don’t find it necessary to tell all the people I know about it. You know?

  4. And me!!!
    Thats actually the biggest mistake of my blogging life: Telling the people i know about my blog.
    These are the people that judge me and do NOT accept that my blog is my diary.

    I am totally self-concious about my posts now…DISASTER!!!!

    HAHA dont know why i felt the need to tell you that but err….you have GREAT BLOG!!! I’m loving your posts!!! 😀

  5. I made the mistake of telling my mum about my blog, now I have to be careful what I type! (she doesn’t read it anyway lol even though it would probably give her a better insight into her teen-age daughter’s life). I also think you’re writing is very good. You write how I think so I sooo get you 😀

  6. It’s great to have a place to express yourself! Don’t be afraid to be bare honest. 🙂 It’s your blog, do it your way!

    Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

  7. Thanks for the follow on my blog and for being honest and open with your intentions. I find it to be one of the most theraputic practices in life to just take what is in my head and make it visual. I appreciate your candid words and your style, keep up the good work.

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