Interests (now, get excited!)


I don’t know what’s up with those titles, they don’t seem too cool now, but, whatever, nothing.

So, I have lots of interests, but I act on very few, if any. I noticed that I get into these phases of interests, and after a while they wear off, then I move on to something new. While I may not actually be doing anything about them, the mere interest is what usually fades.

So a year ago I had here enlisted all of my -then- interests. All of which are irrelevant now.

Now, it’s the usual. Music, make-up and football.

Cooking? Eating. Β Reading? Writing. Fashion? Dressing up.

6 thoughts on “Interests (now, get excited!)

  1. Hi, nice blog.. and glad to see that you started your blog just a few days back.. best of luck.. and yes.. i like your posts.. though not much into your interests (the opposite sex thing i guess.. πŸ˜‰ )
    Enjoy… and keep writing..

    • Thanks for your comment! And to be honest most of my posts have nothing to do with my interests haha it’s just random shizz πŸ˜› Thanks again!

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