About me (don’t get too excited!)


I do not know how to define nor describe myself, not because I’m an ineffable being, but merely because I actually do not know what I’m all about, so if you have any particular questions, just shoot. Meanwhile I’ll just give you the basics. I’m 17 years young, an Emirati from Dubai, oh, and a female. πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “About me (don’t get too excited!)

  1. Great blog I absolutely love it. It’s so good that you give your readers the guidance they need. What I mean is, if I hadn’t read your tag line ”the blog where you read blog stuff on” I would still be sitting here thinking ”now where can I read some blog stuff”. Fantastic!

    • Haha thanks mate! I’ve only started it 2 days ago so hopefully you’ll see many more random ‘nothing’-styled blog stuff posts on here! πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks for your read. I really like your blog! You seem to write what everyone is thinking in their head but may never have the balls to actually say. Keep writing, you’re awesome!

  3. Hey thanks for viewing my blog, very nice blog i like your blog very much. =] you write with such skill and emotion. i liked your recent post, kinda similar to mine – check it out if you haven’t! keep posting often. [ps: loved you sex in the shower post if u know what i mean πŸ˜‰ ]

    with love,

  4. Your comment on my Blink 182 blog with singlehandedly THE REASON I sorted out my style. Should be a better read now. Just before it was “I write it for me, not for you”, but if that is the case, why was I writing a blog and not in a notepad or a diary. So changed my style and I need to thank you :o)

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