Shower Power?

Last night, while in bed, I got this cool idea for a post, or just something I wanted to talk about I guess, but I was about to sleep, so I just made a ‘mental note’ of it, I knew that I’d forget what it was about, but I wasn’t bothered to get up and jot it down so I told myself that I’d remember. I didn’t. I’m sure it was nothing, but still I want to know what nothing it was.

This always happens to me, I get really cool ideas (although in hindsight they usually aren’t), but then just completely forget them. It seems that I get my most splendid ideas and thoughts in the shower, and every time I’m actually in the shower I think of something then go like, ‘well there’s something to blab about’, but as you can see I’m now just left blabbing about not knowing what that something is!

Though seriously, don’t you feel you think most during showers? I think for me it’s because I have nothing else to do, I get very lazy, and sometimes sit (yes I have a chair in my shower cabin), and do nothing, or just think, about nothing. Or about things. I need one of those shower-note thingies. Do they even exist? They should. Or you know, maybe I feel that I get my best ideas or just thoughts during showers because I can’t actually record them, so then I’m left feeling all smart and thoughtful, but if I actually knew what they were after, I might not feel so. You know what I mean?  It’s like I feel that they were worthy intelligent ideas and thoughts only because I don’t really know/remember what they were, ’cause if I actually did, they’d probably not be.

OK nothing.

2 thoughts on “Shower Power?

  1. That happens to me, but I have a notepad right next to my bed now, so I usually write things down. I actually always have a notepad with me haha, and an online journal. You can’t let the moments of inspiration go 🙂

  2. ALWAYS have the best ideas in the shower. Or running, but more often showering. Problem with that is that a mentor of mine told me all the best ideas come to you in the shower, so when I have an awesome idea, I think of him….Awkward.

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