Pestering Sales Assistants.

Don’t you hate it when you enter a store, just looking, for nothing in particular, when the sales assistant hovers around you, suggesting products (more like shoving-down-your-throat products), offering to show you the latest despite -in spite- of your clear disinterest, hounding you, badgering, and wait, this isn’t even the worse part yet, you tell them, very clearly, that you’re just looking, but no, they wouldn’t leave you in peace, they stay, they linger at your throat, watching you, pouncing at you every time you grab a product in your hand, and when they just wont plain f*cking budge?!

It annoys me, in fact it discourages me from going into that particular store altogether. This happens mostly and probably only (for me at least) in beauty/make up stores. Ya3ny I’m just looking dude, go away, I don’t want your help! Surely, they can be helpful and all, but you haven’t seen what I’m talking about, I’m pretty sure this only happens in Arab beauty stores (with only Arab assistants, unfortunately), since when abroad, I’m yet to see this phenomena, at least not to this extent.

Said sales assistant has kilos upon kilos (well, maybe grams, but still!) of make up packed on her face, you could actually see a whole layer of stuff residing on the surface, and this very person is expected to guide you to pick your make-up; advising, suggesting, recommending, yet for some unbeknown reason, she fails to do so for herself.

And it’s not even the hypocritical faces that bug me, it’s just how so uncomfortable they make me feel, and how they do not understand when you say NO.

This one time in Sephora, a lady practically raped my face with some Benetint, I mean, imagine, she offered, heck she didn’t, she just forced it upon me, I had told her ‘No thanks -don’t wanna try it’, yet she still found the need to paint my face with it (all upon my disapproval and continuous and increasing-in-pitch ‘No thank you’s’). She was the Benefit sales assistant, and was obviously being commissioned and so utterly biased. I go looking for some mascara from another counter, but no, she comes and drags me back to get some Benefit mascara. Again, I move onto another counter, this time for some cream blush, but hey what do you know, the Benefit blushes (not even cream) are better, so yep, she lugs me back. Lucky for her I like Benefit.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way. Is it me who doesn’t know what to say, or is it them that are out of line? Beats me.
Nothing! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Pestering Sales Assistants.

  1. Thanks for visiting me! I hate this too – Bodyshop in the UK I often end up beating a tactical retreat because they somehow make me feel like a shop lifter. I spent a few years in the middle east and found sales assistants particularly stalky there..

  2. Same here!! i hate it too when sales assistant/MUA hover around you. Its like the moment your FEET step in to the borderline of the shop, their eyes quickly set on you and they quickly if possible FLY right next to you. I repeatedly tell myself that they are just doing their job so i just let them be. But it gets worst when one time, this sales assistant literally describe EVERY SINGLE thing that i touched and see!!!!! Then thats when i told her politely, “im sorry to say this, i just want to look around, if i need help, i’ll call you…” Guess what she reply, “ya..i know…” yet still she follow me around.. O.O ARGHHHH!!!!

    One time i went to Inglot Sunway Piramid in Kuala Lumpur, im a makeup person and usually will end up spending at least 2-3hours inside the shop. But that day, i only survived merely 5mins because the MUA talked too much abt their product including the history of every single product and history of INGLOT itself, including why the ingredients are chosen and all those bullshits. I just said thank you to her and walk off.

    • Yeah I know, this way they’re scaring off customers not increasing their sales! I wish they’d beat it when told -,-.

      And thanks for passing by dear! 🙂

  3. Oh god they scare the shit out of me sometimes, the sales assistants here in Dubai… It’s like the meaning of it’s-okay-I’m-just-looking or I’m-fine-thanks is completely and utterly lost to them >.<

    • Haha that made me laugh! But it’s true, they can actually be SCARY! And the thing is, when you do say no thanks or whatever, they make you feel as if you’ve said something horrendously rude or as if it’s blasphemy or something haha!

  4. Your post is simply terrific! I think sales assistants are properly trained for scaring customers 🙂 Once I walked in a shop just to have a look at new make up collections prices ( who doesn’t?) and one of the sales assistant had quite an evil look while whispering to her colleague ” Keep an eye on that girl” …Gosh, I felt like a thief !
    ….Not to mention when you tell them ” Oh no thanks, I am just having a look around, thanks really..” 🙂 You wish you never said that!

  5. LOL! i jus had my most intense horrible-sales-associate moment a few weeks back while shopping in singapore.

    This women made me try on everything she picked for me and every time i would come out with a shirt on she would have 2 more waiting for me. After i had accumulated about 10 items i started to tell her i didn’t like the things she was bringing me, in which she made a mad/sad face and continued to bring me more. finally when i went to pay she insisted i spend 100 dollars to get 10 dollars back int he airport, and after i said no she kept trying to show me new items and insisted on me walk around the store while i ring her up.

    while i was walking out of the store she tried to sell me more handbags…

    Beware of crazy sales people!

    -Bianca at

  6. Mostly I don’t have bad problems with it. Usually they approach me, I smile and politely say “just browsing” while trying to make sure not to make eye contact. Once I did have someone pressure me to smell her perfumes while I was clearly walking away from the stench (I am not a fan of the perfume section of the store!), telling her perfume irritates me (it doesn’t, I admit, I lied) and she sprayed it all over the place anyway.

    Usually at the Sephora here in the US, the employees seem to try to look cool and nonchalant, but can be helpful when you need them to be.

    I think the most irritating thing in malls in the US are the kiosk people trying to lure you in by making conversation with you while you are casually walking past, and then try to give a demonstration of their product or trick you into taking a survey (and wasting your time completely). I have learned to ignore them and pretend I didn’t hear.

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