Those tunes in the back of your head


You know when there’s some tune going on in the back of your head, you can heart it – sorta, and it just goes over and over, the song is ‘stuck in your head’? But do you know when it’s just a lyricless tune, when it’s just a melody, and you can’t make out which song it is? And do you know how you can’t just get over it, you’d have to auto-replay the song in your head, hum to it, make up lyrics for it, until you pin down which song it is? I got that today.

All morning, I was like ‘mhm mhmmmhmm caaaaantryyyy’, ‘mhmmm mhmmmm caaantry’.

I kinda like when that happens, because I know that I’ll figure out which song it is, and when I get close to ‘solving the song’ I so know it, I can feel it, like I know that in a few seconds I’ll  ‘ha! got it!’ and I just smile as I hum out the song.

This time it was The Smiths’ Ask Me.

Mhm mhmmmm turned out to be nature is a language, and

caaantryyy  turned out to be can’t you read? I laughed. It was so close haha!

I was smiling, it was getting close, the tune was on repeat in my head, ‘mhhmm mhhmmm’ ‘caaantry’ mhhhm ‘mhhhm caantry’ ‘cant you read!’ ‘The smiths! HA!



OK, bye!


12 thoughts on “Those tunes in the back of your head

  1. Madryy! Thanks so much for finding my blog and for taking the time to hit the “like” button because now I get to enjoy yours. 🙂 I love, love, love your taste in music. The Smiths and blink-182 are two of my all-time favorites. In fact, I have tickets to see blink-182 in September, here in the States.

    • No, thank YOU for taking the time to read my ramblings! I’m glad you liked my posts, and it’s amazing how you can stumble across people with similar likes and tastes in the blogosphere!

      Thanks again! 😀

  2. What’s worse though is when you can’t figure out the lyrics, so you can’t really google it! I know there is a site that figures out the song for you by the melody, but I don’t know how extensive their database can be! It feels really good to figure songs out. It’s the same thing as figuring out “that thing at the tip of your tongue.” =)

    • But even if there’s a site, if you have the melody in your head how can you project that, I have a hard time physically humming a song ‘in my head’ as it is hehe! There’s an app too for that, say you got a lyricless sound clip or something, and it works pretty good!

  3. Hey…. I know exactly what you mean…. the other day I was hummin this song…. all day long mmmm aaa hmmm oh oh oh mmmm a mmmm a mmmm ohohoh, that’s all that was going on in my head. It was driving me crazy… and then after a whole day of racking my brains and that hummin goin on in my head, I remembered the title….. It was mmmm aaa hmmm oh oh oh mmmm a mmmm a mmmm ohohoh.. seems I got the lyrics right first time 🙂

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